Research Project

MIP-Based System for Water Quality Monitoring


Research Team

Dr. Christina Bottaro, Principal Investigator

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, MUN

The central theme of Dr. Bottaro's research is the development of new methods and techniques for rapid and sensitive analysis of organic environmental pollutants. Two techniques figure prominently in her work: capillary electrophoresis (CE) and a matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry. Although Dr. Bottaro's work explicitly focuses on environmental contaminants, the methods developed for the analysis of pharmaceuticals could find application in forensics, clinical analysis and the pharmaceutical industry. Read more about Dr. Bottaro's work at

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt, Principal Investigator

Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, MUN

Dr. Hawboldt's research interests lie in the gas management from industrial facilities, particularly petroleum operations. This includes identifying sources, chemical composition, gas destruction reactions and recovery technologies (such as LNG and gas to liquids). The goal of this research is to mitigate gaseous emissions from these facilities. In addition, she is involved in environmental detection and monitoring research (analytical detection/measurement and plume delineation) in produced water and drilling waste from offshore platforms. Read more about Dr. Hawboldt's work at

Dr. Carlos Bazan, Principal Investigator

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, MUN

Dr. Bazan's research interests include the area of technology innovation and commercialization. More specifically, how to turn scientific research outcomes into successful businesses, e.g., via translational research. Translation research has emerged as a new means to transform basic research findings into practical applications that enhance the quality of life. Read more about Dr. Bazan's work at

Dr. Stefana Egli, Principal Investigator

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, MUN

Dr. Egli is a former recipient of RDC’s Ocean Industries Student Research Award (OISRA). She received this award during her PhD program to partially fund her research for developing molecularly imprinted polymers for trace analysis of oil-related compounds, more specifically, light polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in water. Before joining the Bottaro Group at MUN in September 2009, Stefana finished a BSc with Honours in Chemistry and Environmental Science at the University of KwaZulu Natal in Durban, South Africa. She is now a Research Associate in Analytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry for the AIF project Sensing System for Detection and Tracking of Oil in Marine Waters in Harsh Climates at MUN.

Key Collaborators

Mr. Kick van Lunenburg

Director, Chrom4 GmbH (Suhl, Thuringen, Germany); President, Canadian Life Science (Peterborough, Ontario)

Dr. Christopher D. Brown

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, MUN

Dr. Erik Reiner

Senior Mass Spectrometry Research Scientist at the Laboratory Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Staff & Students

Mr. Robert Trask, Project Manager

Dr. Stefana Egli, Research Associate

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Hamed Piri-Moghadam

Dr. Hossein Beheshti

Dr. Jalil Shadbahr

Doctoral Students

Hassan Hijazi

Ghadeer Abu Alsoud

Aliasghar Golbabanezhadazizi

Master's Students

Maryam Jafari

Jeremy Gauthier

Fereshteh Shahhoseini

Andrew Way

Student Assistants

Holly Barret

Mark Acreman